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9 PCs Compact Camping Mess Kit

9 PCs Compact Camping Mess Kit

This 9 piece compact camping mess kit is exceptionally lightweight, making it the ideal camp cookware set for your outdoor activities! The pot and frying pan in the set are made from anodised aluminium, making them easy to clean. The packed size of the Compact Camping Mess Kit is 6.7" x 5.0" or 17cm x 17cm x ...

WildVenture Waterproof Tarp

WildVenture Waterproof Tarp

Finally, a waterproof tarp that won’t weigh you down! This outdoor or camping tarp is super compact and lightweight! It weighs in at just 2.75 lbs, so it’s easy to toss in your pack without breaking your back. This tarp features durable ripstop nylon construction with expert stitching attention to detail! The ...

Military Folding Shovel -31%

Military Folding Shovel

This Military Folding Shovel is a multipurpose survival or camping tool that is compact and easy to carry! The folding shovel is an all-in-one camping tool! The multi-function capability enables its use as a shovel, hoe, axe, saw, hammer or compass. Unscrew the connecting tubes to reveal the hidden rescue knife, ...

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Primitive Fire Bow Drill -28%

Primitive Fire Bow Drill

Fire is an essential part of surviving in the outdoors. The Primitive Fire Bow Drill is a basic survival tool that will help you to make fire when you need it most. There are easier methods to making fire, but most survivalist would agree, you should carry multiple methods to get your fire ignited! This fire ...

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Waterproof Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag

Outdoor adventurers will love this waterproof dry bag! In the outdoors, there are certain items in your gear that you will want to protect from getting wet. A reliable dry sack that you can trust is what you need to protect your valuables! This dry storage bag is made of the highest quality materials to ensure a ...

Knot Tying Kit -22%

Knot Tying Kit

This complete knot tying KIT includes everything you need to learn and practice your knots. It includes how to tie 20 essential rope knots that can help you in the outdoors or a survival situation. The six card / twelve page waterproof plastic card set contains clearly illustrated and described knots. It is bound ...

$7.63 $9.95 CHECK IT OUT
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