HyperWhistle – Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

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HyperWhistle – Original Worlds Loudest Whistle
HyperWhistle – Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

The HyperWhistle is the original Worlds’s Loudest Whistle! It can get to an ear shattering 142dB which is eight times louder than a common whistle. This makes it the ideal whistle for camping, hiking or as a survival tool.

This patented device has a staggering usable range of 2 miles! It includes re-usable hearing protectors and easy clip neck lanyard!

HyperWhistle Features

  • Anti-microbial composite, all-weather construction
  • Unique radial tri-frequency design
  • Naturally Buoyant
  • Works in all weather environments, including underwater
  • Patented Design US8925478

Frank is an allround outdoorsman who has experience in homesteading, bushcraft and African wildlife, particularly snakes which he has a passion for. Frank has worked as a safari guide in well-known big 5 game reserves in South Africa and enjoys photography and knifemaking as hobbies.

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