LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Emergency Preparedness

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Emergency Preparedness
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Emergency Preparedness
$17.47 $19.95

Clean drinking water anywhere

The hollow fiber membrane technology inside of the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter keeps you safe during outdoor adventures. All of our filters are rigorously tested.

Long Lifespan

The LifeStraw will transform 4,000 Liters (1,000 Gallons) of contaminated water into clean and safe drinking water. That is more water than the average person drinks in a year!

Ultra-Light – Weighs Only 2oz!

No need to worry about lugging water on your next backpacking trip. At only 2oz, the LifeStraw is an easy, lightweight addition to your pack.

Be Prepared!

During any natural disaster or emergency event, locating safe drinking water is vital. The LifeStraw never expires, and its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for most emergency kits.

Adventures Await!

Let rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and glaciers be your drinking water source. With the LifeStraw, you can access safe water anywhere.

Explore the World – Travel with Confidence

Whether you are filling up at a hotel tap, or drinking out of the Amazon River, your LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will protect you from bacteria, parasites, and microplastics.

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