Limitless Equipment Survival Kit Mark 1

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Limitless Equipment Survival Kit Mark 1
Limitless Equipment Survival Kit Mark 1
$22.00 $37.00

The Limitless Equipment Survival Kit Mark 1 is the MOST COMPLETE KIT AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET! It is made with pride in the UK. This kit is suitable for survival training, preparedness, EDC, adventure and military use.

The Mark 1 Pro has been developed as a baseline kit for everyone to start with, saving you time researching numerous separate items. It makes a cool gift and accessory for camping, outdoor and hunting enthusiasts!

The Limitless Equipment Survival Kit Mark 1 Pro is good to go from day 1, has real-world utility and used by survivalists, scouts, military, pilots and adventurers worldwide. Add it to your camping accessories with a survival knife for the ultimate safety backup.

Contains 6.5ft of TACTI-GLOW reflective firecord paracord. This is a versatile cord by Limitless Equipment with an added core of waxed jute tinder for fire starting even when wet.

  • This is the most complete survival kit / emergency kit for its size available on the market, with more than 40 essential items to see you through every conceivable situation.
  • Includes premium TACTI-GLOW black firecord (additional core of jute tinder), red LED lamp, quality compass, light sticks, fishing gear, reflectors, firestarter, fire extender, whistle, water carriers and filters, ranger bands, first aid, morale boosters and more.
  • Small, convenient and portable to carry: Slightly larger than the traditional Altoids tin size. Keep it in your backpack or bug out bag, car glove box or a small pouch.
  • Fantastic design: Unique gift for anyone interested in camping, hiking, hunting and survival gear.
  • MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE UK. A fantastic gadget for Bear Grylls & Les Stroud fans!

InsideThe Limitless Equipment Survival Kit Mark 1

  • Metal container: Boiling water. Cooking. Digging. Reflector signal. Make char cloth for tinder
  • 1 X Emergency Whistle and fire striker
  • 1 X Water resistant red LED: Save your night vision
  • 2 X Mini Light sticks: 8 hours emergency light
  • 1 X Liquid Filled compass
  • 2m reflective TACTI-GLOW Firecord: 7 strand. 550lb
  • 1 X Wire steel saw: cutting wood
  • A Sheet of waterproof paper
  • 1 X Pencil
  • 1m copper snare wire. 0.8mm diameter
  • 1 X Sewing kit: Needles, thread, buttons, threader
  • 2 X safety pins
  • 1 X #10 Scalpel
  • 2 X Ranger bands. 1 large 1 small
  • 1 X Water carrier
  • Water filter kit
  • Tinder extender in vial: Add to tinder for extended flame life in windy conditions.
  • First Aid kit: Gauze pad (8×6), cleaning, wound dressing, tinder etc.
  • Fishing Kit: hooks ready tied to nylon. Size #10. Foam winder, 8m 6 lb fishing line & fishing lures
  • 1 X Tampon: Tinder. Wound dressing. Etc.
  • 1 X 30 cm square tin foil: Cooking. Signalling. Etc

DIMENSIONS: 2.75″ x 3.94″ x 1.6″

Frank is an allround outdoorsman who has experience in homesteading, bushcraft and African wildlife, particularly snakes which he has a passion for. Frank has worked as a safari guide in well-known big 5 game reserves in South Africa and enjoys photography and knifemaking as hobbies.

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