Outdoor Emergency SOS Survival Kit

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Outdoor Emergency SOS Survival Kit
Outdoor Emergency SOS Survival Kit

Having an emergency SOS survival kit available to you when you need one can make the world of difference! The advantage of a kit is that you have many useful items in one compact container. This makes the kit easy to store and easy to carry.

This kit comes with a tin container. This makes it strong enough not to get squashed in your bag, yet light enough to include in your every day carry equipment.

Inside the tin is a survival whistle to help rescuers find you. There is also a manual chain saw for cutting wood and a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass can be used as a solar igniter to get a fire going. In addition, the kit also contains safety pins, a credit card multi-tool and alcohol swab, and a compass.

Fishing gear is also included in this kit. It contains some swivels, hooks with fishing line, and an assortment of fishing weights.

This emergency SOS survival kit can be kept in your car glove compartment, your bug out bag or your hiking backpack!

Here is a list of the contents of the kit.

  • Zoom Mini Flashlight : size 9 x 2.5 cm, lamp life of 100,000 hours
  • Flint : 11.5 cm long, flint part is 7 cm. the use of magnesium alloy ignition material, with metal sheet side of the friction can be issued immediately high temperature and high brightness spark, 5000-12000 times the ignition 
  • Paracord with 7 core : length: 3.7m, can be used for outdoor shelter construction, maintaining equipment, making traps and fishing nets
  • 11-in-one tool card : size 4.5 x 7cm, can be used as can opener, saw, wrench, direction indicator, ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver, etc
  • Multi-functional survival whistle 
  • Fishing set : contains two sets of fishing equipment, can be used in outdoor emergency situations for fishing for food.
  • 4 x safety pins, outdoor emergency wound dressing, fixing clothes, etc.
  • D-shaped buckle, can be used to hang keys, cups and so on
  • Scale: 1: 10000 scale, effective measurement of map distance 
  • Waterproof storage box: small item storage, easy to carry, waterproof, dustproof, with a black silicone seal, 100% water repellent. Do not soak in the water, if the water pressure is too strong will leak. The storage box will float on the surface.

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