Primitive Fire Bow Drill

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Primitive Fire Bow Drill
Primitive Fire Bow Drill
$13.80 $18.80

Fire is an essential part of surviving in the outdoors. The Primitive Fire Bow Drill is a basic survival tool that will help you to make fire when you need it most.

There are easier methods to making fire, but most survivalist would agree, you should carry multiple methods to get your fire ignited!

This fire bow drill set, will help you to practice this ancient method of starting a survival fire. It is lightweight, easy to carry and made from all natural materials.

It uses the friction method to produce heat, producing an ember that can be transferred to your tinder bundle and thus ignite your fire!

This method of fire making takes practice, so be sure to hone your Fire Bow Drill skills at every opportunity! It is a great starter kit to learn this important fire starting skill!

The Primitive Fire Bow Drill Is Ideal For The Following

  • Travelling
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Outdoor exploration
  • Outdoor survival training
  • Teaching supplies for survival courses

Frank is an allround outdoorsman who has experience in homesteading, bushcraft and African wildlife, particularly snakes which he has a passion for. Frank has worked as a safari guide in well-known big 5 game reserves in South Africa and enjoys photography and knifemaking as hobbies.

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