LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking and Camping Price: $15.69 (as of 01/08/2022 03:52 PST- Details)


Clean water is an essential component of survival. The LifeStraw provides a lightweight, convenient method to carry a personal water filter in your backpack, bugout bag, or car.

This product is an essential, must-have item for camping, hiking, or even as a backup on the homestead to ensure you always have an option for clean water. The LifeStraw can clean up dirty water and make it suitable and safe for drinking!

What The LifeStraw Offers

LifeStraw offers the following characteristics that make it one of our most highly rated survival products!

  • Removes bacteria and parasites. The microfiltration membrane eliminates 99.999999% of waterborne germs and parasites, including E. coli, salmonella, giardia, and cryptosporidium.
  • Removes microplastics. Microplastics are becoming a common pollutant in our water systems. LifeStraw removes the tiniest microplastics found in the environment, down to 1 micron, and reduces turbidity or solids in suspension down to 0.2 microns.
  • Rigorous testing. LifeStraw is laboratory tested using internationally recognized standards and protocols set by the US EPA, NSF, and ASTM for water purifiers.
  • Long lifespan. The microbiological filter provides 4,000 liters or 1,000 gallons of clean and safe drinking water with proper use and maintenance.
  • Made with safe materials. All plastic components in LifeStraw are BPA-free materials.
  • Make a difference. For every LifeStraw product purchased, a school child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year.

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